Medical Grade Ointment

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Dry Skin Formulas Medical Grade

An amazingly powerful ointment concentrate for severe dry skin is designed to treat severe dry skin on hands, elbows, knees and feet. This formula has a 30 year history of professional use in hospitals, pharmacies and convalescent homes. Our medical grade formula contains our most advanced moisturizing ingredient DermaMin84™ a proprietary oceanic brine that helps attract and draw moisture to anywhere it’s applied! DermaMin84™ when applied topically to the skin creates one of the most powerful “ MOISTURE MAGNETS” on the planet . All of our concentrated formulas for severe dry skin contain DermaMin84™. When our concentrate is applied to severe dry skin, a physical moisture barrier is created and prevents moisture from leaving the skin (called Trans Dermal Water Loss). Preventing moisture loss helps promote healing. Our formulas are designed to comfortably MAINTAIN the moisture barrier and stay with you most of the day. That’s why they work!