Extreme Grade Ointment

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Dry Skin Formula “Extreme”

Our Extreme Grade Ointment is an amazing addition to our expanding line of unique and powerful concentrated formulas. It’s very unique because it’s almost all natural formula works just as well as our medical grade ointment even after eliminating both petrolatum and mineral oil as well as lanolin which has been used almost exclusively in the medical industry for centuries. A unique gel made from select vegetable oil replaces petrolatum and lanolin and a refined coconut oil replaces mineral oil and lanolin oil. A unique fatty acid provides emolliency and helps with the long lasting quality of our moisture barrier. As with our medical grade, the Extreme Grade Ointment contains DermaMin84™ our most recent advanced addition to all of our formulas is designed to draw moisture to wherever it is applied. DermaMin84™ a proprietary ingredient made from oceanic brine which when applied topically to the skin creates one of the most powerful “ MOISTURE MAGNETS” on the planet. All of our concentrated formulas for severe dry skin contain DermaMin84™. When our concentrate is applied to severe dry skin, a physical moisture barrier is created and prevents moisture from leaving the skin (called Trans Dermal Water Loss). Preventing moisture loss helps promote healing. Our formulas are designed to comfortably MAINTAIN the moisture barrier and stay with you most of the day. That’s why they work!